Week one complete!!!

Sunday is here and that means I have lasted the first week of my 28 day challenge with Blogilates and Tone it Up. It had its up and downs, for example there was a day when I came down with a stomach bug which meant that had to use it as a rest day.

Starting this challenge was an insight to how much I've let myself go. It showed in my measurements, before photos and my attempt at day one. At the end of the workout there was sweat covering my body but I was left with a sense of pride at pulling through. 

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I was looking forward to starting this challenge. So much that I went ahead and created a written plan to keep me on track. After a lot of debating I went and bought a cheap food journal which has been helping me not go crazy on my food intake (the fact that I have to write it down, makes me less likely to binge eat).

With my first week is over I've set goals as to what I would like to accomplish in the following week.

What I would like to change for week two:
  • At the moment my food diary shows that I haven't been eating enough vegetables. More ages need to be added to one meal a day.
  • Cut down on the gluten. I'm gluten intolerant as is, but this week I've had no choice but to eat foods like pasta as I can't bring myself to just throw it all away.
  • Treats cut down to once a week, save it as a YOLO meal
  • Complete a week of Flat Abs 1.0
  • Stick to my LCHF diet.
Week one was an overall success in not having missed a day of working out (on purpose at least) and a mid success when it came to eating. Next week I hope to see my endurance gone up and my food journal to be more clean.