HeyWorkout time to get my yoga on!!!

At the start of April I committed myself to getting into the practice of working out 6 out my 7 days. I went and bought myself a workout program that took me through 28 days of transformation. The end result left me stronger in mind and happier with my body image.

Then things got a bit tighter with college. Whilst my workout routine was thrown out of the window, I still made the time and effort to get a run or workout in somewhere. Through my fitness journey I've found that mind is the overall factor that gets me up and running. It's what pushes me to keep going on no matter what. 

Lately though I've found myself lacking in time and motivation. My minds been overwhelmed with stress and the inability to focus. Healthy eating was thrown out the window and my workouts were swept under the carpet. 

Being stressed, I thought to myself 'I could really go for some energising workouts from the comfort of my home' and hey presto my thought was answered. HeyWorkout have invited me to give their website a whirl and view fitness from a whole different light. Best part, all from the comfort of my home.

Their site contains live classes Monday to Friday along with recorded classes for you to use at your own time. So what do I plan to do?

Yoga! I've done my research and I've thought long and hard. Yoga will help me to get the mentality and flexibility (maybe even finally be able to pull of a pose like the one in the photo) I've been yearning for. Now that's not to say that I won't try one of the recorded classes because I am pretty curious to see how they work.

This will be another journey that will help me to discover the potential I have within and be another footstep into the right direction of health and self awareness. I'll be posting updates on all my social media (InstagramTwitterFacebook) and of course keeping all of you updated on my progress.

So then...onto getting my sweat on!!!

Future Disney event, time to plan!

There aren't many events that I take a part in but this year I discovered there was something other there for me to enjoy. Disney and I go hand in hand! I can't pass by a Disney store without running in and I've started to rebuild my DVD collection.

So what is Disneybound? It's sharing your love of disney by wearing clothes that represent a character. This doesn't mean costumes! Just normal every day clothes. 

While this event is months away I'm still looking forward to it and am spending time planning out what outfit to wear. My top choice of character is Belle (I'm a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast). She's simple but elegant in her own way. 

Disney, Belle casual outfit

Disney, Belle casual outfit by me

Of course, there's a list of backup characters. Mulan, R2D2 and other not listed on here like Merida, Stitch, Pocahontas...the list goes on and on!!! Thankfully there's a lot time between now and then to get my outfit planned and ready to go.   

Warrior Mulan

Dumbo Casual Outfit - Disney's Dumbo

Star Wars

Star Wars: R2-D2

Star Wars: R2-D2 by paula008 

Do you have any Disneybound outfits? Who's your favourite disney character?

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No, I'm not one of those sorts!

There are numerous horror stories of bloggers being bothered by representatives of various companies and it saddens me to hear that Younique is one of them! First things first, to get it off my chest...I'M A YOUNIQUE REPRESENTATIVE!!! No way do I represent those ladies out there that are haressing the blogging community in fact, you could say that I'm one of the more quiet ladies.

I love Younique! Not had a problem with it and maybe that's the because of the way that I handle my business. I'm not the sort to go out and hound people while shoving products in their faces and following with 'this is good! you should buy it!'. That's not I'm all about. My reasons for joining Younique were out of a whim and desperation to make a profit on the side because lets face it, as a college student with a casual job I've not got a lot of time on my hands.

My clients are mostly close friends and family with the occasional new person and for me, that works. I don't go out looking for others because I know what it feels like to be harassed by such companies. I invite people to like my page or to join my group. If they're not interested then that's fine (defiantly not going to turn around and continue to pester them about having to join).

What irritates me is that there are rules to being part of such companies. Knowing that still there are those who are out there not following them and in a way cheating to make profits! I worked hard to get to where I was. It meant getting out of my comfort zone, putting in my own funds and the payback for it is has been worthwhile. There are those of us who work hard to get to where we are on the ladder! To those out there who have turned a blind eye to the structure of the company shame on you!!!

So to those of you who might think that representatives of such companies are mean, horrible, time wasters; please think again! Some of us really aren't bad people! We're just doing something that interests and makes us happy.