Week one complete!!!

Sunday is here and that means I have lasted the first week of my 28 day challenge with Blogilates and Tone it Up. It had its up and downs, for example there was a day when I came down with a stomach bug which meant that had to use it as a rest day.

Starting this challenge was an insight to how much I've let myself go. It showed in my measurements, before photos and my attempt at day one. At the end of the workout there was sweat covering my body but I was left with a sense of pride at pulling through. 

A photo posted by Lorraine (@ra1nex99) on

I was looking forward to starting this challenge. So much that I went ahead and created a written plan to keep me on track. After a lot of debating I went and bought a cheap food journal which has been helping me not go crazy on my food intake (the fact that I have to write it down, makes me less likely to binge eat).

With my first week is over I've set goals as to what I would like to accomplish in the following week.

What I would like to change for week two:
  • At the moment my food diary shows that I haven't been eating enough vegetables. More ages need to be added to one meal a day.
  • Cut down on the gluten. I'm gluten intolerant as is, but this week I've had no choice but to eat foods like pasta as I can't bring myself to just throw it all away.
  • Treats cut down to once a week, save it as a YOLO meal
  • Complete a week of Flat Abs 1.0
  • Stick to my LCHF diet.
Week one was an overall success in not having missed a day of working out (on purpose at least) and a mid success when it came to eating. Next week I hope to see my endurance gone up and my food journal to be more clean.

My fitness challange, intense is the way to go!

April, I decided to take the plunge. I saw it, bought it and followed it till the end. Not once did I regret my choice of buying that fitness program. Okay so maybe when I was doing the regime did I more than once think 'I'm going to die' but it never came to that in the end. Doubts did float through my mind on more than one occasion. This was probably going to be something that I wasted money on. Halfway through I'll lose interest.

Motivation was what pushed me to buy PIIT 28. While on holiday, all I do is sit. I don't move just sit in front of the TV. Or keep myself glued to the laptop screen. Instead of that and while I had all the space around I thought to go ahead and purchase this talked about program.

I took my measurements, took my before photos and then for the next 28 days I pushed myself to complete every day, every routine to the best of my ability.

A photo posted by Lorraine (@ra1nex99) on

Yeah...that's all real, no Photoshop used.  All of that was done by pushing myself each day to get my workout in. I didn't eat very healthy thought I tried to make the best choices (I mean, I was on holiday...) Still with all of that put aside, I got results that make me look back and think 'I did it!' Inches were lost and I was feeling so much better than I ever had.

College got in the way. Stress got in the way. Motivation...became depleted. Now looking back at the photo, I feel annoyed and sad. I can't believe all that work went to waste. I pushed myself harder than I usually do, I achieved something that I thought was impossible. At that point of time, I felt better about being in my own skin. I was energised, rearing to go and take on the day. Now it's like 'pfft, lets go eat that box of chocolates that's in the fridge and sit on our bum all day'. NO!!! Do you hear me brain and body?! NO MORE!!!

Starting on Monday, for the next 28 days I'm committing myself to doing PIIT 28 1.0 round 2 and the Tone It UP Fit, Fierce, Fabulous challenge! I'm committing myself to making better food choices and looking after my body from within.

A photo posted by Lorraine (@ra1nex99) on

So get ready body, cause your in for a serious sweat session!!!

If you fancy giving PIIT28 a try or finding out what it's all about then head on over:

(Full PIIT28 program and 28 Day nutrition guide)

(Full PIIT28 program, instant download)

(Nutrition Plan and Guide)

There's a world to discover!

I like to think that travelling is in my blood. With family spread out in various cities and countries, travelling is inevitable. Quite frankly, I would love to do more travelling before I decide it's time to settle down a bit.

A reunion with a friend that I hadn't seen in years brought about thoughts and yearning to go and see what's out there. She was able to go to Amsterdam and her stories left me dreaming over adventures in new countries. That's when she said we should go someplace together.

She knows how much I love an adventure and how much I love to travel. It makes me an ideal travel buddy, she stated. So with a nod of approval, I left it down to her to choose where we should go. So where am I off to this time....


Two countries that I've never been to or thought that I would get the chance to visit. What will I see? What will I experience? The sounds, tastes, views...just the thought of how close I am to travelling sets my heart aflutter. 

My mind is filled with ideas of what to pack, on the amazing photos I'll be able to take and the new memories I'll be able to create. One week of holidays and one week of beauty.

Have you even been to these countries? What would you recommend doing?

HeyWorkout time to get my yoga on!!!

At the start of April I committed myself to getting into the practice of working out 6 out my 7 days. I went and bought myself a workout program that took me through 28 days of transformation. The end result left me stronger in mind and happier with my body image.

Then things got a bit tighter with college. Whilst my workout routine was thrown out of the window, I still made the time and effort to get a run or workout in somewhere. Through my fitness journey I've found that mind is the overall factor that gets me up and running. It's what pushes me to keep going on no matter what. 

Lately though I've found myself lacking in time and motivation. My minds been overwhelmed with stress and the inability to focus. Healthy eating was thrown out the window and my workouts were swept under the carpet. 

Being stressed, I thought to myself 'I could really go for some energising workouts from the comfort of my home' and hey presto my thought was answered. HeyWorkout have invited me to give their website a whirl and view fitness from a whole different light. Best part, all from the comfort of my home.

Their site contains live classes Monday to Friday along with recorded classes for you to use at your own time. So what do I plan to do?

Yoga! I've done my research and I've thought long and hard. Yoga will help me to get the mentality and flexibility (maybe even finally be able to pull of a pose like the one in the photo) I've been yearning for. Now that's not to say that I won't try one of the recorded classes because I am pretty curious to see how they work.

This will be another journey that will help me to discover the potential I have within and be another footstep into the right direction of health and self awareness. I'll be posting updates on all my social media (InstagramTwitterFacebook) and of course keeping all of you updated on my progress.

So then...onto getting my sweat on!!!

Future Disney event, time to plan!

There aren't many events that I take a part in but this year I discovered there was something other there for me to enjoy. Disney and I go hand in hand! I can't pass by a Disney store without running in and I've started to rebuild my DVD collection.

So what is Disneybound? It's sharing your love of disney by wearing clothes that represent a character. This doesn't mean costumes! Just normal every day clothes. 

While this event is months away I'm still looking forward to it and am spending time planning out what outfit to wear. My top choice of character is Belle (I'm a huge fan of Beauty and the Beast). She's simple but elegant in her own way. 

Disney, Belle casual outfit

Disney, Belle casual outfit by me

Of course, there's a list of backup characters. Mulan, R2D2 and other not listed on here like Merida, Stitch, Pocahontas...the list goes on and on!!! Thankfully there's a lot time between now and then to get my outfit planned and ready to go.   

Warrior Mulan

Dumbo Casual Outfit - Disney's Dumbo

Star Wars

Star Wars: R2-D2

Star Wars: R2-D2 by paula008 

Do you have any Disneybound outfits? Who's your favourite disney character?

Don't forget to check out the links below!
Disneybound UK

No, I'm not one of those sorts!

There are numerous horror stories of bloggers being bothered by representatives of various companies and it saddens me to hear that Younique is one of them! First things first, to get it off my chest...I'M A YOUNIQUE REPRESENTATIVE!!! No way do I represent those ladies out there that are haressing the blogging community in fact, you could say that I'm one of the more quiet ladies.

I love Younique! Not had a problem with it and maybe that's the because of the way that I handle my business. I'm not the sort to go out and hound people while shoving products in their faces and following with 'this is good! you should buy it!'. That's not I'm all about. My reasons for joining Younique were out of a whim and desperation to make a profit on the side because lets face it, as a college student with a casual job I've not got a lot of time on my hands.

My clients are mostly close friends and family with the occasional new person and for me, that works. I don't go out looking for others because I know what it feels like to be harassed by such companies. I invite people to like my page or to join my group. If they're not interested then that's fine (defiantly not going to turn around and continue to pester them about having to join).

What irritates me is that there are rules to being part of such companies. Knowing that still there are those who are out there not following them and in a way cheating to make profits! I worked hard to get to where I was. It meant getting out of my comfort zone, putting in my own funds and the payback for it is has been worthwhile. There are those of us who work hard to get to where we are on the ladder! To those out there who have turned a blind eye to the structure of the company shame on you!!!

So to those of you who might think that representatives of such companies are mean, horrible, time wasters; please think again! Some of us really aren't bad people! We're just doing something that interests and makes us happy.

Tiger World, expectations vs. reality

Easter Holidays left me with three weeks of nothing to do...so I flew off to North Carolina to spend my 26th birthday with dad and the dogs. Though that means that I would have three weeks of chilling in a nice warm climate with loads of free time. A friend of his bought us two tickets to Tiger World and I thought 'hey why not?' So before I give you my overall thoughts for the day let me tell you a little about the place.

Tiger World is an Endangered Wildlife Preserve located in North Carolina that's dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and preserving exotic species. Their goal is to provide the best environment for captive animals whilst offering visitors a learning experience. Being non-profit public charity, they depend on public support.

Now let me tell you first off that (for those who might not know) that I'm an animal care student. That means that my brain is full of welfare, zoology and other information that makes visiting such places a challenge. I was willing to visit Tiger World as I'd get to see big cats, wolves and possibly other animals that I might not have seen. 

We arrived, handed our ticket and in we went. Boy was I in for a shock! While the area was huge, the enclosures weren't. The big cats had roam to prowl, a den to hide in and a centre piece with platforms to climb and hide under. Now taking into consideration that this was a charity based place, I believe that not a lot of thought went into taking in all those animals. 

The worst I had to see was a baboon that was highly irritated and a load of animals showing stereotypical behaviours (a repetitive or ritualistic movement, posture, or utterance). Now I don't know the history behind any of those animals but I knew that there was a lot more that could have been done to help drive those behaviours away. Enclosures weren't utilised to the best of their abilities (not enough stimulation such as things to climb, mimicking natural environment). I've yet to do further research to determine whether America hold freedom acts for animals but from what I observed not a lot of the animals had access to water.  

Whilst the place provided visitors with a close encounter, through my eyes there wasn't anything amazing about being there. I was filled with emotions ranging from anger to sorrow. Parents weren't paying attention to their children who were mindlessly yelling, shouting and stressing out the animals. Care takers were hardly anywhere to be seen. 

Maybe I'd set my expectations too high, thinking this would be a well organised and thought out place. Maybe if I was a child who didn't understand that that was their life from there on out, I could have enjoyed it a bit more. Maybe I was letting the student side of me take over too much which didn't allow me to truly see what Tiger World was trying to do. Either way, I didn't enjoy my time spent there. As quick as I was inside I wanted to be back out and on my way home. Each to their own opinion in the end but I wouldn't recommend Tiger World to any of my close friends or relatives.

Cherry Pie, featured blog for March

Allow me to introduce you all to Cherry Pie, a blog written by a 27 year old who goes by the name of Cherry. Her blog was brought to life in 2009 and from that time has grown to the blog that it now is.

This blog is beautifully set up, with amazing photos incorporated into the posts and easy navigation. Written content is easy to read through and leaves a smile on your face whilst wanting to read more. I enjoy the variety of subjects covered such as baking (check out her Rocky road mini egg bites), life posts (If Twitter wasn't a thing) and blogging this is her blogging routine).

What do you most enjoy about blogging?
The thing I mostly enjoy about blogging is the interaction with other bloggers and the support/comments on posts. The whole blogging community is really supportive and I know when I'm feeling a bit rubbish about my blog there are lots of lovely people out there waiting to cheer me on as well as inspire me. I also really enjoy the photography side to it, although my patience is definitely tried when the weather isn't on my side and I can't get a good pic!

If you had the choice to move to a country to live in for the rest of your life, which country would it be?
America would probably be the country I'd choose, that or somewhere lovely and sunny with lovely beaches!

You're photos are amazing! What camera do you use?
I use a Canon 500D with some lenses that my boyfriend bought me for Christmas. I'm by no means a pro but I find it's just a case of trial and error, which can be a little frustrating at times but once you've got it, it's the best feeling, especially when someone then compliments your pics!

Have you got a life long ambition? If so, what is it?
I've not really thought about a lifelong ambition, I guess it would just be to be happy in a nice home with my boyfriend and continuing to enjoy what I do. I'd also like to get a few holidays under my belt!

Be sure to have check out her site and her social media:

How to Stay Healthy While Living Consciously

How to Stay Healthy While Living Consciously

The best lifestyle is the one filled with activates fitness and joy. However, under the influence of various commitments and obligations some of us tend to neglect these aspects and slowly embrace the unhealthy lifestyle, without even realising it.

1. You Are What You Eat

The food you eat can largely influence your entire body, both inside and out. Any changes on your skin, as eczema, acne or blemishes can easily be the consequence of an unhealthy diet. A heathy skin can only be the result of a well-balanced diet, so replace the sugary snacks with food rich in vitamins, proteins and fibre. Vitamin A is one of the essentials vitamins for healthy body, so introduce more low-fat dairy products into your diet. Food that is rich in antioxidants, such as strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and plums will protect the skin from damage and premature aging. Green tea is one of the most beneficial beverages for the skin, due to its properties. It reduces the risk of skin cancer, and has anti-inflammatory effects. Supplements are also a good idea if you’re leading a busy lifestyle, so don’t forget your daily intake or important vitamins and organic calcium.

2. Pay attention to how your body feels


You should always listen to your body, and do not ignore the signals it is sending you. Fatigue, constant need for napping, depressing, stressful, and anxious thinking are all the signs of an unconscious living. In order to get on the move and improve your lifestyle, stop being the slacker and procrastinator, and jump into your running shoes and start exercising. Furthermore, get up early in the morning and start the day fresh and energized. Once you embrace the healthy routine, you will feel so much better. If you feel like you need a little bit of support in starting to live consciously, you can always ask a life coach, or a personal trainer to help you reach your goal.

3. Get regular exercise


Working out on a daily basis is essential to a healthy lifestyle. Exercising will help you lose weight, or prevent you from gaining any if you are already lean. Furthermore, it increases the production of happiness hormone, which means you will instantly feel better, and consequently look healthier. Whether you choose to workout in a gym, or jog in the park, it will be perfect for both your body and your spirit. However, working out outdoors is much healthier, because you will be breathing the fresh air instead of a stuffy one in the gym.

4. Go Organic


Organic food is becoming more present in the lives of all of each day. Considering these foods do not contain pesticides and chemical fertilizers, or any genetically modified organisms it tends to cost more, but is considerably healthier than the non-organic food. You can find organic food in every supermarket, or on your local market, so make sure you give up on any GMO and turn to the good healthy organic groceries. Do not think about saving your money, but rather protect your health. Let us be honest, you cannot put a price on your life.

5. Wake up Your Consciousness


I am sure you would like to have every day perfectly planned and filled with different activities that will make you feel accomplished and happy about yourself. This will not happen overnight, so start changing your life immediately. The sooner you start the better. Forget about spending hours laying in front of the TV, having sugary snacks, procrastinating and slacking off. These activities will only harm your health. Instead, embrace the workouts and an organic lifestyle. Be active, fit, healthy and glowing, so that you can live a long happy and healthy life.

About the Author

Amy Mia Goldsmith is an Australian personal trainer and an editor at Ripped.me fitness blog. She has a degree in nutrition and her goal is to teach people to live a healthy, happy life. You can contact Amy on her Facebook page.

Sorry dear Bambi, a stray dog story

A look into their eyes, a spark of connection and then your heart melts. It's impossible to control the thoughts and emotions that are clogging your mind and judgement as the two of you gaze at each other. Before you know it, your decision has been made. Now you have a new pet that has settled into your home. At least...you hope they have settled.

It's difficult to say no to a yearning need. To have this new furry friend in your life means the world to you as it probably does to them. Having no idea of their history makes things a bit more of a challenge but it's one that you're willing to try!

That's what I thought when I came across a stray Lurcher (the nurses have affectionately named her Bambi) at the vets. She had been brought in terrible condition and my hearth sank before taking a leap into the pond of love. The way that she looked at me with such sorrow and fear made me want to be the one person that she could trust. I wanted to become her new friend. To be able to protect her from the nastiness of the world and shower her in as much love as possible.

I got all excited as I pushed away my reasonable thoughts and told everyone that once she made it, she would have a nice safe and loving home with me. Oh but as I live with Matt and his family and they have a dog (a doberman by the name of Millie)...probably best that they have a meet and greet first.

The day that she was given the all clear I arranged for her to meet Millie. Maybe it was the environment (they were meeting at the vets) that caused the family dog to act a bit unusual. I shrugged it off and went with the idea a trail day. They'll both be in a house, away from strange people and noises. An ideal place to meet.

End of the day she came home with me. Nervousness and excitement coursed through my veins. This was it! No turning back tonight. Thought it was best to take them both out for a short walk to get used to each other before unleashing them in the house. Millie wasn't having it. Another dog suddenly in her house, all she could do was bark at poor Bambi. It was all Bambi could take before she had enough and snarled at Millie.

Disappointment. Her I was greatly hoping that the two of them would get along so well. In the end, Bambi was brought to boyfriends room where she spent the night with us. Content with that though. She made herself comfortable in the room and on the bed, curling up with us at night.

Morning came. My thoughts had finally settled and the animal student within me spoke out. I can't keep Bambi confined within one room forever. All of this was causing unnecessary stress on Millie and that in turn affects Bambi. With all she had already gone through, keeping her was going to do more harm than good however sincere my intentions were.

With a heavy heart I collect her things and headed back to the vets. Whilst thoughts of what the nurses were going to assume about the girl who was so intent that Bambi would have a happy home with me the hardest thing I had to do was put her back in her kennel and walk away.

Had circumstances been different, she would have returned to London with me. New rules state no pets are allowed in our apartments. Now I'm left with a worry that she'll think ill of me and won't ever find a place to call home.

Moral of the story...having the best intentions might be the way to go but consideration of others welfare (animals and people) should be put first. I'll have my day of being able to rescue another animal in need. A chance to give them the life they deserve but until then, I'm left waiting and dreaming. Have you ever been in a similar circumstance?

How was your February?

What I wanted to complete February 2016

  • Get a blog post up 3 days in the week. IN PROGRESS. It's been a slow month along with a busy month, along with an unmotivated month. My blogging inspiration has flown out the window and reining it back it has been slow work. Only now have I started to get my blogs written and ready to post for the three days within the week. I guess I just have to find my rhythm before getting into the swing of things. 
  • Cut down on food expenses. IN PROGRESS. Lucky for me, I spent 4 weeks out of London and in Essex. Usually that would mean expenses galore but I've managed to not go overboard. Work experience meant that I can't go crazy and when I did have to go out and buy what I needed it was the essentials (milk, butter, veg, etc.). 
  • Drink more water. INCOMPLETE. I've got loads of water bottles hanging around the house! I've been filling them up and sipping it here and there. It's not led me to continuously drink though. 
  • Complete the 30 day workout challenge. INCOMPLETE. I was about three weeks in and then work experience took over. My time was spent and by the end of the day I'm shattered, can't be asked to do anything but just lay down. Once work experience stops I'm wanting to get back into the swing of things. 
  • Enjoy being me. IN PROGRESS. There have been nights were I can just curl up in bed and enjoy watching anime or reading. I've reverted to reading fanfiction, listening to disney music, watching cartoons and it's not a bad thing. That's the person that I've always been. Each day I'm letting myself be me. It's not as bad as I thought it would be. 
I don't think that February hasn't been my best month as there was a lot happening with college. With the months getting closer to finishing my first year I'm starting to think that my goals should be limited and focus more on college. Was your February eventful? 

Can't live without my camera

Memories are those that you keep stored within a special place in your heart and in a folder within your mind to re-watch when you need. Whilst I believe that I also believe that memories and moments should be captured through a camera lense. 

I'm not talking about those selfies and food photos. I'm talking about those random shots and those carefully planned shots. Times when you're out on a walk or just seated at home. A moment occurs and you can't just let it slip by. Those are those are the ones that I want stored forever. 

There are people in my life that I might see today and not tomorrow. Events that pass only once in a lifetime. I know that I have a lot of memories to rewind upon but there's the feeling of having them on paper to look back upon that makes me so happy. I find myself feeling lost without my camera at hand and left with a bitterness when a moment occurs and I'm unable to capture it. Guess it can be, I'm helpless without a camera in my hands. 

The Mad Orange, featured blog of the month

It's got a wide cover from food to university life and was brought to life in 2013. Jennifer has got a topic to suit everyones need and enjoys sharing her interests and the going ons in her life. Having read a couple of her posts myself, I can see a connection for readers who hold an interest on subjects such as animals, books and food.

So Jennifer, mind answering a few questions?

You mentioned in your post Borrow My Doggy that you would love to have your own little furry friend. If you could have any pet which would you go for?
I would definitely go for a dog! Probably a long haired miniature daschund. Never had a puppy so would definitely be my first choice! 

Do you find being a blogger along with a university student stressful?
It is fairly stressful and sometimes puts me off blogging because if I have a big deadline due I will concentrate on that. I try to have posts ready in advance but it's definitely hard! 

If you were only allowed to eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
I would have to eat... Any type of Greek food as long as you don't get fat! 

What's some advice you would give to someone who wanted to start their own blog?
I would say really research SEO and social media as they can bring a lot of traffic but mainly do it because you love it... 

You're only allowed to use one word to describe yourself. Which word would that be and why? 
I would describe myself as strange.. If you get to know me I become really weird

Be sure to give The Mad Orange a look and while you're at it, why not have a look at her other social accounts :)

What will I be accomplishing this month...

The start of 2016 saw my placing monthly goals. Whilst some of them were accomplished and other's not, I don't see that as a means to not start all over and create some new ones.

Get a blog post up 3 days in the week. College runs my life and then there are the little bits inbetween that also get in the way of plans. I was at one point able to get a blog up everyday but now it's a bit more of a challenge. February I would like to have a blog post up 3 days in the week. That means taking the time to plan, get photos and sitting down to write up a good quality post.

Cut down on food expenses. I always choose the easy way out. Stopping in Sainsbury's to get a ready cooked meal for lunch and then later on the week I'm there again picking something else up. My fridge is small which means that it can't hold a lot. That's no excuse for me going straight to the chip shop or buying a ready made sandwich. This month I won't go and buy unnecessary food. I'll be sure to have only the essentials and my food shop will be cut down to once every other week.

Drink more water. There's no point in being fit and not replenishing my lost fluids. To fix this dilemma I'll be carrying a bottle of water everywhere I go while resisting to drown myself in cups of tea.

Complete the 30 day workout challenge. This is a challenge that I've taking up countless times and failed countless times. To this day I haven't completed it but that's to change this month! I'm already at day 8 and by the end of this week will have completed day 10. Close to the end of the month I will have finished my 30 days and I will be sure to reach it. The biggest challenge that I face is joining work experience with the workouts.

Enjoy being me. I've never really allowed myself to enjoy being who I am. To be proud of the fact that I love what I love and that there's no shame in that. I love being tucked in bed with a good book, watching fantasy movies and living in my own little world from time to time. I want to be in agreement with myself that I don't have to be my boisterous self every day of every waking hour because being my alternative side is just as amazing.

So that's me all set up and ready to go. What have you got planned for this month?

January Goals Summary

What I wanted to accomplish in January 2016.
  • Complete the first month of Project 365. INCOMPLETE. At the start of the month this was going well. Then college got in the way and I lost the ambition to keep at it. I wasn't going out and was coming up with every excuse in the book for not having a new photo.  
  • Get back on track with healthy eating and regular exercise. COMPLETE.  I've re-joined Lucy Locket Loves Fitness, gone out and bought myself a fitbit and got my 30 day shred challenge going. On top of that, I've also gotten rid of all temptations in my house and gone to making my own lunch to take to college while being sure that my meals at home are as clean as possible.
  • Become more organised with blog scheduling.COMPLETE. At the start of the year I bought myself a small organiser. While I thought to print off and laminate some of the blog schedules the planner has been the best investment. I'm able to take it wherever I go so when a post idea pops into my mind I'm able to jot it down.
  • Be more active on all my social accounts. IN PROGRESS. This is a continuous struggle but the through January the one social media account that I have been logging into the most has been Twitter. While some of my posts are more personal that blog related I still consider it to be an achievement of sorts. 
  • Complete at least two novels. IN PROGRESS. Sadly this one didn't get completed. I've forgotten how slow of a reader I am and how it takes me longer than others to complete one book. However I have succeed in getting back to reading. I take my book with me to college to read on the journey and during break making realise how much I enjoy it. 
  • Keep track of what I buy. IN PROGRESS. I've been sure to keep all my receipts and update my expense forms. At the end of the month I plan to analyze and see what I can cut down on for the following month. 
While a lot my goals are in progress I've considered myself to still have made successful. I don't doubt that some of this I will be wanting to carry further on to next month. Did you create any January goals?

Jaunary's Blog of the Month

100 Things I love is written by Joana. A young lady whose blog features fashion, lifestyle and beauty with a writing style that is inviting. With good detail in each written text, reading a pleasure. She was nice enough to answer some questions to get a better insight to the reader behind this wonderful blog.

What is it about blogging that you enjoy?
Being generally non-creative, for a very long time I've struggled to find a fitting creative outlet - I'm happy that I found that in blogging. Other than that, I am fascinated by the number of incredible opportunities blogging has brought about, and I love how supportive the blogging community is as a whole.

Can you name one post that you enjoyed writing about? 
It's difficult to name only one, but the 8 Photos of Happiness post is definitely among my top favorites. I feel like it's a pretty good round-up of my major accomplishments so far and all the things I cherish. http://www.100thingsilove.com/2015/06/8-photos-of-happiness-tag.html

Apart from blogging what are some of your hobbies/interests? 
When I'm not blogging, I love being active - I go to the gym and I play volleyball, just to name a few activities. I am known for joining random sports when I need to break out of my routine, including kickboxing and pole fitness.

If you had to describe your blog with one word, what would it be and why?
I would describe it as: personal. When I started my blog, I did it for me; and today, I still write mainly for myself.

Go ahead and check her out on her social networks!

Learning to love myself and a surprise

2016 meant new year resolutions and getting back into the swing of things. It meant that the most common resolution 'to lose weight' has arrived once again. A fresh start, a second (hundredth) chance to get more comfortable in my skin.

While exercise is something I've yet to love I do love learning about what I can do to make myself love my body more. I enjoy finding new recipes that make me feel full, information about exercise techniques and the do's and don'ts of being a better you.

I've jumped from diet fad to diet fad. Tried every pill under the sun. Joined Weight Watchers, Slimming World and bought tons of exercise DVDs. The one thing that has never failed to help me when it comes to journeying towards becoming more body confident along with my attempted goals are books.

Books are powerful! They provide you with so much information and each time you read you understand just that little bit more. You get so many 'oh' and 'that's cool' moments when you flip through page after page. I know a lot of women and men suffer with body confidence, and I think one of the keys to getting to be more confident it learning about your body. So on that note, I want to offer a copy of The Body Book by Cameron Diaz.

What's the prize?

The Body Book by Cameron Diaz

This book is a great insight what you want from your body and how to achieve it. It's divided into three sections; nutrition, fitness and mind. Three subjects that go hand in hand, that most people diving into the world of fitness don't have a good understanding off. Cameron Diaz explains the breakdown of meals right to the core and how your thoughts play as big of a role as you working your butt of in the gym.

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Project 365

I've taken a big leap and have decided to take part in Project 365. I stumbled upon this on The Purple Pumpkin Blog and it really caught my attention. My photography skills have always been on a beginner level so I've been itching to improve. What better way to do so than by taking part in this! My Wordpress blog has been lacking and so with the new year I want to start posting on their once again. So from hence forth, Project 365 will be shared their. Don't forget to stop by it to see what shoots I've taken each day.

The first day of the new year was spent at Epping Forest. Whilst it might have been spent frolicking through muddy fields I enjoyed breathing in the New Year air and starting the year out in nature. Epping Forest is a usual place for us as it's where all the bikers meet during the summer time for banter, bacon roll and a coffee. A great start to 2016.

2016! What will this year bring?!

Hello 2016! Are you guys looking forward to the new year? I'm pretty interested to know what it will bring to me. In both my own life and in blog progression. I've gone ahead and revamped my blog to show off the type of person that I am.

What I want to accomplish in January 2016.
  • Complete the first month of Project 365
  • Get back on track with healthy eating and regular exercise.
  • Become more organised with blog scheduling.
  • Be more active on all my social accounts.
  • Complete at least two novels. 
  • Keep track of what I buy.
How am I going to achieve these goals?

For those who don't know what Project 365 is, I have to take a picture a day for the whole year. While I would love to use my DSLR and using both the standard lens and my new lens I will also be using my Ipod touch. Viewing the world through different lenses while learning different techniques. My camera will be coming with me wherever I go and I will be setting up reminders throughout the day.  

Health and I have had a continuos on and off relationship. Never in my life have I stuck to a program long enough to notice results. This year I want to start loving my body both mentally and physically. I've joined the Lucy Locket Loves Fitness group and will be incorporating runs and various workout Youtube videos 6 out 7 days in the week. Along with this I want to keep track of my food intake by returning to Slimming World food routine.  

Every blogger should be organised and I'm one that desperately needs to. With college, work and blog writing, planning is a must. Whilst out shopping I went and bout myself a simple and non expensive planner and along with that I have printed various blog planning sheets that I want to laminate so that I can use them over and over. 

There's Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat. So many different social networks out there and so hard to keep in track with it all. Through this month I've gotten organised by joining sites to help with scheduling posts. Keeping active on these sights has always been a challenge but this month I plan to change that to the best of my ability. 

I'm terribly when it comes to shopping. See something nice then automatically think 'I'll have that' or 'don't need it but I'll buy it anyways'. I don't keep track and I never really think that I'm spending that much. Then the end of the month the bill comes in and I get the biggest shock of my life! Now I plan to keep all my receipts and record everything on an expense form that I created on excel.

Technology is all around us and it's impossible to avoid! When I was in High School all I ever did was just sit and read. That's something that I greatly miss. Being able to shut myself from the world and enjoy the words written on the page. My eyes are constantly glued to a screen but for January I want to start remembering how nice it felt to just relax with a good book. I've rejoined Goodreads and even set a book goal for 2016.

So then January, I'm all set and ready for you!!! Have you got any January goals?