The mystery within

Allow me to introduce you to my bag and the mystery of what can be found within!

My bag is this beauty. It's a faux leather bat gothic bag which I found on ebay. I'm not a fan of bags to be honest but this shoulder bag goes everywhere with me (with the exception of college). Typically these are the items that I carry when I've got to do a shopping run or meet up with a friend.

1) Samsung tablet
It goes everywhere with me these days. Long train rides and bus rides, I'm able to catch up on my tv shows on the go. Don't really use it for anything else. Except when I take it to college. I'll then use it to do research and waste time during break. By the way...can you guess what show I'm watching?

2) Ipod touch and nano
Music everyday and everywhere! I can't live without it! It's impossible! On my nano, all the music is from tv shows (mostly all different anime's) then on the touch it's various english artists. My Ipod touch also has loads of games to keep me entertained. 

3) Lipgloss and lipstick
My lips get chapped way too easy which is why I carry a small pot of vaseline. Most of the time I think it's a waste because as soon as I put it on, I then end up rubbing it off. If I'm in a lipstick kind of mood, my colour of choice will be in my little make up pouch along with my eyeliner. The eyeliner is in there even when I'm not wearing it for the day.

5) Card holder
I'm not a purse/wallet sort of girl. I like to make life difficult for myself so that's why I have this little card holder. I received it as a gift and it's the perfect size to stick all my cards, keys, and phone (it's a tiny phone, a samsung S3 mini) in. Never leave the house without it!

So that's all of it! Yeah...not a lot I know but each girl is different when it comes to what's in their bag. That being said what's in your bag?

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  1. I love Lindsey Stirling's Shatter Me, it is such an amazing song!

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