Look at this lovely box that I received!!! So the small story behind it is that some point in September I signed up with Ms Mistry Blogs to be a part of the #BloggerBoxShare. You filled in an application and then they would contact you with your partner. The terms were that with a maximum budget of up £10 you would go and find things to send to your partner.

Before anything happened, I took the time to get to know a bit about my partner who was Becster from http://www.becster.com/ After sending some emails back and forth, I was able to send her a box of surprise items and yesterday I received mine. Shall we take a look at what's inside?

Becster was nice to send me a lovely card with an explanation of some the items. Right when I opened the box I could smell something heavenly. Within a small box I opened to discover a small, cute square bar of lavender soap. Beautiful blue, with a smell that just instantly calms you. Becster stated that it was made by a local company called Celtic Herbal. The best part of it was that it's all natural ingredients. Don't think I can bring myself to use it...might just keep it beside my bedside table to enjoy the smell as I drift off to sleep. Along with that I found two coasters made by local slate. It seemed to hold sentimental value to Becster. They are beautiful! Got them on my beside as decoration.

Purple paper!!! Did you guys know that purple is Becster's favourite colour?! I also discovered a set of drawing pins and a mini notebook. Sadly I don't have a college not board to use the drawing pins and that mini notebook...right guys, I have to confess that I'm a stationary hoarder!!! I collect all sorts of cute bits and pieces and that notebook has made it into my collection. The letter L, that's seated atop my alarm clock. Brings the right amount of colour needed into my boring, dull room. 

More stationary and hurray for stickers!!! The notebook has the words 'Live, Laugh, Love, Repeat' a cute quote to make you smile each time your eyes look upon it. Never seen Boofle stickers and that heart sticker is really cute (got a good idea on how to use those). Becster even sent a cute card. I can see that being used as decoration for somewhere in the house. 

This #BloggerBoxShare was a success!!! I loved all the cute little items that I received and hope Becster enjoys what I sent her. A big thank you to Becster for sending me all these wonderful items and a big thank you to Ms. Mistry for allowing me to take part in this event. 

Be sure to check out Becster's and Ms. Mistry's blogs (you won't regret it). 

What I get up to on Halloween

I make it a tradition of mine to watch as many different Halloween themed movies and TV shows on Halloween night. Anything to do with monsters, supernatural, weird and unusual. If it's got it then probably going to try to watch it. So allow me to share with you what I might be watching on Halloween night. Have you got any movies on your list?

1. Nightmare Before Christmas

2. Hocus Pocus

3. Harry Potter Trilogy

4. Monster High Movies

5. Alien

6. Hotel Transylvania

7. Alice in Wonderland

8. The Book of Life

9. Supernatural

10. Doctor Who

Creepy Sounds, getting into the spirit of things

Halloween is getting closer and closer, so allow me to share some songs to get you into the spooky monster mood. Apologies if any of these freak you out!!!

Number One

This is was and still is part of my nightmares! It is the reason behind why I don't like circuses and can't tolerate clowns. IT was a movie that I made the mistake of watching as a child and ever since then I haven't been able to stop crying, screaming or shuddering whenever a clown shows up. The theme song for the movie is beyond creepy (especially to someone who hates clowns).

Number Two

Another childhood movie. A Nightmare on Elm Street made it difficult for me to sleep at night. These days the movie doesn't have that much of an effect on me but for little me, the theme song was a constant reminder to not close my eyes and dream.

Number Three

Whilst I was I was learning Japanese, one of my teachers informed us about a game that children play. The game is played where one child is chosen as the monster and sits blindfolded in the middle where the other children join hands, while walking in a circle and chanting the song. When the song ends, the blindfolded child has to try and guess the name of the person in front of them. The game sounds great but the song is a bit haunting to listen to.

Number Four

Children of the Night sung by the witch Sarah from the movie Hocus Pocus. A lovely and haunting melody. There isn't much frightening about this song just the fact that it's so beautiful to listen to. Probably the reason as to why those children followed the song.

Number Five

One of my favourite songs sung by Volcaloid. It's a dark and twisted version of what happened to the characters in Alice in Wonderland. This was one of the first songs that I encountered by Vocaloid. Alice in Wonderland is one of my favourite stories and I enjoyed the twist behind this song.

It's was a painful experience

Image courtesy of [Brooke Cagle] at http://unsplash.com/

It has been about 5 weeks since the start of college. Each day has been interesting with something new to learn and experience. Through this journey I have found how much of a challenge it is to get your foot into the animal field. Lucky for me, I applied as a animal care taker at the college and was offered two trial days. I was excited! A chance to work with animals, a chance to look forward to work.

Day one went great! I went straight to the rodent room and did was needed to be done. It was only when I was sure that all was done before I headed to isolation to look after the sick animals. To my surprise one of our new chickens was there. Looking in the diary I found that on the Friday she had been moved due to not looking well. Yet there she was, clucking away and being as curious as ever. It had to be a mistake! I fed her, changed her water and cleaned up.

I couldn't give up the chance to make a fuss about her. Having a conversation and gently stroking her feathers. I could tell that she was grateful for the attention. Before long, I had to say my goodbyes and move onto the other animals. I was sure that she would be back with her fellow chickens soon enough.

Next day I returned. Started once again in the rodent room. One of the employers happened to be there and as she loved chickens thought to check out the one in isolation. I watched as she made a fuss of the chicken. Talking, stroking her and doing what needed to be done. Minuets passed and as I was attending some of the rodents I heard her calling out to me urgently.

Rushing to the isolation room, she directed my attention to the chicken. I watched as the poor bird suddenly became disoriented and start to fall. In a matter of seconds she was down. Wobbling to and fro, unsure of what was going on. Without a doubt, something was wrong. We switched places as she made a call. What was going on? She was fine the day before. Head of staff arrived moments later and took a look at the chicken. I couldn't stand to watch only as there were still loads of other animals to look after. As quick as I could, I got the jobs done.

Moments later I returned. There she was, in the same position but her head was just getting lower and lower. The other employer was also there, stroking the poor bird. I was informed that there wasn't anything that could be done. A decision had been made that if she was still in the same state in the next couple of hours, one of the certified staff members was going to have to kill her. We both hoped it didn't come to that.

Taking shifts, we kept an eye on the chicken. Hours passed and I found myself willing for her to just close her eyes and let go. I didn't want for her to be killed by hand. Rather that she went on her own than the other method. As if she could her my thoughts, her eyes slowly started to drift close. Quickly, I called for the other employer and we both stood and watched. Her eyes closed, she took in her final breath, released, and that was the end.

When I was young, I woke up to discover that my hamster had died over the night. Years later I ran out of the vet's as they put down my dog. For the first time in my life, I stood and watched an animal die on their own accord. It was the most eye opening and one of the hardest things that I had to experience.

I know that in my line of work that I will have to experience harder and more brutal things. Along the the way there will be battles with my emotions and memories. Whatever happens along the way, I'll take it as an experience and learn to get past that bump.

That was in the past...how time flies #blogtoberchallenge

I never considered it in the past. Yet something told me to give it a go. That it would give me a whole new insight to how I looked at myself. My first time was when I joined a company that were looking for models. Then after that I was hooked. Out of all the photo shoots this is the one that sticks the most. It might be because before this shoot, I started a new relationship and I couldn't quite figure out why he choose me out of all the single girls out there?

I went to this shoot with all these questions in my mind and my confidence teetering on the line. Upon arrival they greeted me with smiles and drinks. I took the time to decide the sort of look that I was looking for. Got my makeup done, hair done and before I knew it, it was my turn for a shoot. Nervous, excited, I was just a mix of emotions but I was still able to have a laugh and enjoy my time. I was brave enough to also have a lingerie shoot (something I never thought of doing).

Weeks went by until I finally got my copy of all the photos. Gobsmacked! That's the only way I can describe how I felt when I looked at the photos. That couldn't be me?! Did they send me the right photos?! OMG!!! I looked...amazing!!! I shared the photos with friends and family and everyone was astounded by how good I looked. Compliments all around and a very proud boyfriend who knew that I was very hesitant to have this shoot (begged him to come with me, sadly he couldn't).

Looking at this photo constantly reminds me that unless I try, I never will know what the outcome will be like. That even though I think I'm not beautiful, unique and such I'm actually a pretty outstanding young woman and should be proud of it!

My ever growing list #blogtoberchallenge

I've missed a day but back on track! Not been one of those people to take the time to think about what I would like to do and still not one of those people. When people mention that they have a bucketlist I presume they have an actual list of things pre planned. Well...I don't. I mean, I have a list but it's not a pre planned list. My list is of things that I've heard of, seen off or thought of randomly in the day. If I still remember it when I get home then I pin in on my Pinterest.

Here a couple of the things on my list of things to do!

Curious as to what I have and haven't done then please have a look at my Pinterest

What's on your bucketlist?!

Some wise words to share with you, Blogtober Day Two

Who doesn't love a good quote?! I'm a sucker for them and have my own collection that I look back on when I need a pick me up. If you've not seen there are some quotes that inspire listed on THIS old post.

Jorge Lorenzo is one of the reasons behind why I decided to go ahead and get a motorbike. While many MotoGP fans moan about him and his attitude and what not, I continue to see him as a remarkable and hard headed individual that strives to give it his all. He has so many different quotes that give me the boost I need to keep going.

I'll admit that I don't know much about Maya Angelou but this quote spoke to me from the start. I'm constantly fighting with myself and attempting to be a 'normal' twenty something year old female. Only now have I started to realise that if I keep doing that then how am I ever going to know who I truly am and what I can achieve?

ADVENTURE TIME!!! Jake the dog has some of the best quotes and this one is something that I take to heart. I suffer from anxiety and lot of the things that come into mind aren't real...way to go Jake in making me remember to not worry about those silly imaginary thoughts.

All of these quotes are about staying focused and being true to yourself. Something that I constantly remind myself as I am studying for my dream career. It's great to have these to look back on when I need them the most.

Like I said, who doesn't like an inspirational quote?

Blogtober challenge!!! Here's DAY ONE!!!

1. I always attempt challenges, even if I fail them. Readers have probably seen my posts where I mention that I'm partaking in a challenge and then halfway...it fails. It's because I easily get distracted and I easily lack motivation to keep going. That's something that I've got to complete yet, a challenge. So here I am partaking in this Blogtober challenge.

2. Since becoming an Animal Care Management student my views on the animal life have changed. I have a stronger urge to withdraw from activities such as going to an aquarium or zoo. My perspective on wildlife have greatly changed and I find myself dreaming of going to countries where I can assist in the care of wildlife or where I can help to make a difference in a countries views of animal welfare.

3. For the first time in a very long time, I kept with a workout plan for a whole month! The biggest change I've encountered to not giving into temptation and eating everything in site has been that my stomach isn't looking as puffy as it usually does. That's motivation to keep doing what I've been doing!

4. While I might be twenty odd something I am a proud member of the Peter Pan club! Growing up is boring and I quite enjoy having my inner child. Love my cartoons, anime, fun programs. Absolutely hate news, drama and all that other adult nonsense. Sure that when the time comes I'll tune it down a bit but for now I'm quite content with letting my inner child have as much fun as possible.

5. I'm a very self concise person. That being said I'm more than happy to go out in public with a wig, bright clothing and outlandish makeup. People can stare and stare and I don't blink an eye to it. Maybe it's because I feel comfortable behind my second persona?