Summer has come to end

It feels like in the blink of an eye summer has come to an end. I have encountered some new and old favourites for the month of August.

Favourite Youtube Artist 

Ever since I watched Pitch Perfect, I'm been very into a cappella. So after browsing Youtube I came across Mike Tompkins. I feel in love with his music having bought two of his songs that I can listen to over and over non stop. It's such feel good music which I can always use in my life.

Favourite Photo

Favourite TV Series 

Photo credit: JMiu / Foter / CC BY-NC-SA

Sam and Dean you have stolen my heart!!! Supernatural is a staple part of my day. I got into this series a while back and ended up having to stop at season 4. So I took it upon myself to re watch it all up to the current. Not yet there as only on season 2 but this series is great. Not so much for watching alone in the dark as some episodes will leave you having nightmare (such as season 2 episode 1).

Favourite Moment

There they were, just a couple of feet from me. Some of the greatest MotoGP riders in London before their race at Silverstone. You can read about my experience here. I considered this to be a big achievement as I pushed past my anxiety to go to the meetup. I don't regret it having left with a couple of signatures and great photos that I wouldn't have gotten anywhere else.

My short list of favourites. What were some of yours for the month of August?

MotoGp meetup

Tuesday night, while spending my time on Facebook a notification popped up. I went ahead and clicked on it only to find that my boyfriend had shared a link post. With Silverstone race weekend coming up there was going to be a meet and greet with several riders.

British MotoGp riders Bradley Smith, Cal Crutchlow, Scott Redding, Moto2 Sam Lowes and Moto 3 Danny Kent along with my inspirational rider MotoGP Double World Champion and current Championship leader Jorge Lorenzo.

I was ecstatic!!! These were riders that I always watched flying across the screen and tomorrow they were going to be only a few inches from my face!!! I would have the chance to meet Jorge Lorenzo, the rider who inspired me to get onto a motorbike!!! A dream come true!!!

That night I rang boyfriend up and chatted excitedly about going. How I was going to get all their autographs and see Lorenzo and be able to speak to him. Then my anxiety decided to take over. The what ifs, scenarios, all sorts of issues popped into my head. Oh god, could I actually do this?! From being excited at the chance of a lifetime to see them to possibly not going to see them...what was I to do?!

The next day I threw the covers off, rushed around to get the place sorted, changed my clothes, put on a pair of comfy shoes, grabbed an umbrella, took a deep breath and left. I was going to go. I had to go!!! How many chances did I get to see them?! None!!! Now don't get me wrong I was still terrified but I couldn't let my anxiety get the better of me. If I didn't go, I would mope about it for ages. So off I went.

Getting there was easy enough. Dealing with the weather was a whole different story. It was pouring outside really bad. I was stranded at the park waiting for 4 hours till the MotoGp riders showed up. In the meantime I waited and watched BT Sport prepare the area with the riders bikes. Time passed quicker than I remember and before I knew everyone was huddled around the area waiting for the riders to show up...and then they appeared. One by one, in full kit they made their way over to the bikes.

BT Sport started taking their photos doing some filming and just getting their part done. I eagerly took as many photos as possible. Eyeing Jorge Lorenzo, I get excited at the thought that in mere moments I would be face to face with my inspiration. Satisfied with the photos I took, I raced to the start of the line.

British riders done with their part in the photo shoot and interview they made their way to booth but my eyes stayed on Lorenzo. Shaking in excitement and nervously glancing at the empty spot on the booth because signings had started and he was still being interviewed. I allowed people to go in front of my in the hopes that I would be able to get his autograph soon but then I watched as the interview finished and he was rushed off, past the booth and towards his next destination for the day.

Alarmed I questioned one of people working for BT and they apologised stating that he was headed off to another interview for the day. Well...there went my chance.  Still I wasn't going to just up and leave. I had pushed myself to get to where I was. I wasn't going to just hang my head and walk away feeling empty. On I went. First meeting Cal Crutchlow, a man of man words and me of only one. A basic and quiet 'hi'. Hmm...onto Bradley Smith who was hurriedly signing his name on the back of cards. I waited...waited...' I just grab one?' he looked up 'yeah go ahead.' Sam Lowes, no comment got my poster, Danny Kent 'hi, here you go' 'thanks' and finally Scott Redding 'hey, here you go' 'thanks'. Empty spot with unsigned cards with Jorge Lorenzo, went ahead and picked one up and on my way I went.

Getting back home, all I could think of was 'I did it'. I had pushed past my anxiety and meet various MotoGP riders. I might not have meet Jorge Lorenzo but I did meet some other great riders. I might not have gotten the chance to do this but thankfully I overcame my doubts and insecurities. Hopefully next time I'll be able to meet Lorenzo and finally get that signature.

Would you adopt?

Awww look at that cute puppy! That dog is so cute! Yes folks, I have dogs on my mind. Maybe it's because I'm a huge dog lover and maybe it's because I've moved onto my career of choice (animal care management) either way I love them to bits. Ever since I started helping out at Battersea Dog and Cats home my love for them has grown and continues to every time that I'm there.

I've had dogs from as far back as I can remember. My dad is a dog lover and our first dog was a Great Dane named Dingo. A lovely boy! From what I was told, as far as loyalty comes he was as loyal as they got. He was taken wherever my parents went and the whole family loved him to death. Sadly he passed away.

Dingo was the only dog that we had in our family who we bought as a puppy. From there our other dogs were adopted, since that time it's what my family has stuck to. I take pride in having dogs from shelters. It's the thought that I'm giving them that second chance that they have been begging for, a chance to be loved for the rest of their life.

A puppy might not be for everyone. If said person is contemplating getting a four legged companion and has asked me for my advice I straight away point them in the direction of their local shelter. Having a puppy is a lot of time and dedication. It's not just the fawning over their cuteness, it's the idea that the little fellow has to be brought up properly. They have to be toilet trained and taught their basic sit, down, stay and heel commands.

What do I recommend when it comes adopting?

1) Do your research on the breed you're after. Best to know what sort of care they require whether it's long walks or regular grooming sessions.

2) Meet the dog, spend the time to get to know their history.The reason behind them being at the shelter, if they have any special needs, requirements, good with kids, cat friendly, etc.

3)  If all goes according to plan see if you can introduce any pets or children to them to get a better reaction (please remember that the introduction can be all okay at the shelter but at home they might have a different reaction).

4) Looking good? Before your new family member comes home be sure that you have all the needed equipment like leads, halter, food and water dish and bed.

Remember that each pet you adopt wether it's a dog, cat, rabbit,etc. has a story to tell. Be patient. They'll let you know what theirs is and before you know it'll be like they were always a part of your family.

Would you adopt a pet or have you adopted?

Spaghetti Bolognese SW version

Time for a new recipe to share. Whether you're a Slimming World member or just looking for healthier versions of your favourite foods then take a look and try.

-Frylight Olive Oil Spray
-5% fat mince (or quorn)
-1/2 chopped onion
-4 closed cup mushrooms 
-garlic and tomato passata
-2 tbs tomato puree 
-1tbs chilli flakes
-1tsp oregano
-1tsp mixed herbs
-1tsp garlic salt

In a good sized pan spray the bottom with your oil and then put in your onions and mushrooms. Cook them off till they are golden before adding in your mince (or alternative) and cooking it all together.

Time to add the puree and mix. Add your passata to the mix being sure to stir it in. Add the chilli flakes, oregano, mixed herbs and garlic salt. Turn off the heat and let it cook on the remaining heat.

I like to cook this in the afternoon and let it sit till I'm ready to have dinner. It takes in all the flavour better and tastes even better reheated. Add to your pasta, rice or zucchini pasta. Please feel free to add, chop and change to your desire.

If you try this recipe, leave me a link to know your opinion on it.

For Slimming World members this recipe is syn free.

Inside my makeup drawer Part One

It's a mystery even to me as to what I keep in my makeup drawer. I'm continuously chopping and changing what I need and don't need so today was an investigation/clean up day and look at I own!!!

I was in dire need of some new makeup brushes so last year as a Christmas gift, I received this set. It contains 23 different brushes from foundation to blush to sector. It comes with a roll out makeup case making it easy to carry around from place to place. Very handy for someone like me who travels quite a bit.

Foundation time!!! Now I know that I have a couple of posts about cruelty free but I'm not about to waste anything that I have so the two foundations that I do have are Bare Minerals in medium beige and golden tan. That I will set with my translucent pressed powder from MUA. If by any chance I'm looking a bit pale then I'll use a small amount of the perles de soleil bronze from The Body Shop.

Face set and ready, time to move onto eyes. I only own one eye shadow palette which is from Sleek called the Ulta Mattes V2. The other shadows that I own are from The Body Shop the colours Blueberry Night, Blackcurrant Affair and Midnight Flirt. I also have from Lush, Quietly Motivated and Sophisticated. Depending on the occasion I might feel like doing some serious contouring which came from Ebay.

Time to get those eyes on point so I use these three products. Liquid eyeliner from MUA which I have fallen in love with. I'm all about precision when I do my eyeliner and this felt eyeliner is a miracle worker. Plus, when it's on it stays on no matter what. I'll cover my lashes with the Extreme Curl mascara also from MUA and put a bit of white pencil liner, bought from The Body Shop, to make my eyes pop.

Not every girl out there likes to wear falsies but I adore them. They give you that extra bit of kazzam to your look. Most of the pairs that I own came from a Japanese store online. I especially love them as you can achieve a doll like look with your eyes as well as a natural look (depending on the brand). I also own two boxes that I purchased from Ebay but not too big a fan of them. They're really uncomfortable and hard to put on so I keep those for formal events.

How important are eyebrows?! I've gone from having no eyebrows to having natural eyebrows. Again depending on the look I want depends on what I'm going to do with them. These days I fill them up lightly with the eyebrow pencil from The Body Shop in the shade blond/auburn and I'm out the door. Going out with friends or for a special event I use the liquid brow gel. Both bought from Ebay (actually purchased one and got the other for free) because I was looking for light brown. They state light brown but in reality one is darker than the other.

Last thing before I march out the door is to put my lipstick or no lipstick. I use the pertroleum jelly to smother on my lips before I go to sleep so that my lips are nice and hydrated the next day. If you spotted it, yes I do wear black lipstick. Full on and these days I've been using it to shade in my lips espcially if I'm wearing Marilyn by B. The other colour for when I want to go for a bit more natural is a light coating of Orchid.

It's not nearly as much makeup as some girls wear but through the years my love of makeup hasn't grown much. I rarely use it but it's all there in my drawer if I need it.

What are some of your favourite brands?

Dracula by Bram Stoker, My Thoughts

That's it!!! July ended and with it was the reading challenge hosted by Emma. While we were free to choose our own novels all of us had to read the novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. So what do I have to say about this book?

While I'm an avid fan of reading books based on the supernatural, this classic novel has placed itself on the very bottom of my list. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless they absolutely loved classic novels.

It's easy enough to guess what this book was about. Told in the format of letters, diary entries and logs it starts of with a gentlemen named Jonathan who ventures of to visit Count Dracula. That's about as much as I can tell you as I never did finish the book. Was is hard to read? Not at all!!! It's just that this wasn't a book that caught my attention from the start.

Before I take a book home, I would read the back and the first couple of pages. I didn't do that this time and just took it home and started reading. Better to say that I attempted to read it. I'm not a hater of classics but this was just so painful. It was slow and dragging. The fact that it was written the format or letters and such just made it even harder to enjoy. There are books out there that are slow to start and as you get further in the excitement starts happening. This however didn't happen. I got a third of the way in and I had to put the book down and move onto my preferred reads.

That challenge might have counted as a failure in my part only because I didn't finish the proposed read but it was a pass for reading our chosen (unless it was supposed to be only about vampires and not all supernatural beings). Oh well, hopefully if there is a second challenge it will be more successful than this one.