March favourites from moments to fashion

It's common to go through the month and then realize that within that month you have come across products, moments, memories and all the sorts that made it onto your favourites list. That list can change from month to month, mine forever are so here are March favourites.

Favourite Soundtrack/Movie

These two go hand in hand because after watching the movie I had to buy the soundtrack. The Book of Life produced by Guillermo del Toro. This is a movie close to my heart as I have recently gone through a really difficult time. The movie brought thoughts and realizations to mind along with a sense of calm and understanding of what I was going through wasn't going to change things. A movie based on love and remembering. I got the chance to watch this movie on a flight to America and after that I was hooked. The characters stuck in my mind and I was constantly singing the songs wherever I went. That meant that I had to buy the soundtrack to listen alone at home or when I was out travelling.

Favourite Photo 

Favourite Moment

For months and months I had been planing my newest tattoo. It was to be something special that would always remind me the events that had come to past. I did my research, saved my money and when I was sure of it I went to a well rated tattoo parlour and told them of my idea. Within a week they had it sketched out and the day that I went to get it done I was in tears about how amazing, beautiful and mesmerizing it had come out to be. I cherish this piece of art that I will happily carry around with me for years to come.

Favourite Clothing

While on holiday I invested in two harem pants. Now I was always spectacle of them but in the hot climate I could understand why so many women were wearing them. I wear these just about everyday. A soft material that just glides over your skin softly, they might not be the appropriate piece to wear during the cold UK weather but come summer these will be a pair that I'll be more than happy to put on.

Favourite Game

I don't play video games as often as I do but on the occasion I come across something that catches my attention. For the month of March it has been Rayman Legends for the Xbox One. When boyfriend is out working I sign myself on and spend the rest of the day seated there trying to complete level after level. There are various characters for you to choose from and over 120 levels to play.  Of course, now with it being the end of the month I've still not completed it and that makes another game to add to the pile.

March has come to an end and I'm looking forward to seeing what my favourites for April are going to be. Clothes? Makeuep? Food? What could they be?!

Dolphins, majestic beauties of the blue

As a child my parents took me to Sea World to see all the sea life they had and watch the whales and dolphins preform amazing tricks. Then as I got older I a documentary opened my eyes to how cruel and truth behind these captured animals. Since that point of time I wanted to know what it feels like to see them out where they belong. To see how much freedom they have, what they really are not locked up in a tank but doing what they do.

An early morning start and the driver took us to the harbor to get onto our boat. Within three hours we had our first sighting. A pod of dolphins leaping out of the blue water towards our boat. Being fortunate to be on a non crowded boat I was up at the front snapping away. I stopped taking photos to cherish the sight of this beautiful mammals. The way they leaped and jumped, The gracefulness of their dives into the unknown.

Being on a tourist boat the crew didn't have the right equipment to track where the next sighting would be. For four hours we were on the search for a whale and when we had the chance my breath was taken from me. I watched as a blue whale spouted, a shadow of a hump in the distance before a flash of it's tail and it vanished for good.

I know that in the future I would like to do this again. It's an experience that you can never get enough of even if the thought of being on a boat for never ending hours seems depressing it's the sight of seeing these mammals doing what they do that chases the despair away.

Beautiful views from a tea plantation

Green, green, green that's what I was surrounded by for two days of rest at a family tea plantation. Bandarawela is a big town located in the mountainous region. It's hills covered with trees, rivers, animals and beautiful waterfalls.  My last visit to a tea plantation was over 20 years ago and my memories of then and what I had seen now are still similar.

The one part of travelling to this estate that I couldn't stand was the windy and uncomfortable roads that twisted through the mountains. While the view was spectacular the drive wasn't. For any future visit I wish that the conditions of the roads would be better. The time that we went to visit there had been a horrible rain storm that washed the mountains and sent foliage onto the roads.

This estate that we stayed at was at the top of a mountain away from the noise and bustle. For the two days we stayed there, waking up and walking through the door to see the mountainous view was unimaginable. Fresh air that filtered through your lungs, a scene that would always take your breath away. My mornings were spent waking up early, having a good breakfast and a walk through the plantation. It went for miles and miles, climbing up further and around the mountain. We did get lost for a bit almost crossing onto another estate but somehow managed to return to the estate in time to watch the women pick tea. Two days on this estate left me calm and relaxed even with not much to do except sit back, drink fresh tea and read a good book.

Sigiriya, an ancient palace upon a rock

An ancient palace located near the town of Dambulla, Sri Lanka. It doesn't look like anything from the distance, just a massive column of rock surrounded by greenery. To me it didn't seem as though the time spent travel to this destination was just a waste. Nothing at all impressive to behold but I was going to give it a go as the story behind it this plain looking rocking was one that captured my interest.

A long time back there was a king that went by the name of Dhatusena who had two sons. Kashyapa wasn't the kings true born as he was born by a non-royal consort. He along with the help of the king's nephew and army commander killed the king and seized the throne. King Dhatusena true born heir, Moggallana fled fearing for his life to South India. Knowing what he had done and fearing an attack of vengeance from Moggallana, Kashyapa moved the capital and his residence from the capital of Anuradhapura to Sigirya. Durning his reign, Sigiriya was developed into a complex city and fortress with most of the constructions done on the rock summit and around it which included defensive structures, palaces and gardens.

Needless to say that Moggallana returned and defeated Kashyapa's armies who abandoned their king and left Kashyapa to commit suicide by falling upon his sword.  The capital was returned to Anuradhapura and what remained at Sigirya was turned into a Buddhist monastery.

This adventure gave me an insight to a palace that must have been extraordinary when it was still standing. It left me with questions and curiosity as to how their irrigation system worked, how did they get around on that giant rock, what were the people like, how did the battle happen with the supposed declaration that there were elephants involved, who and how did the paintings occur. Questions that might never have an answer and will constantly leave the visitors in confusion and puzzlement.

Pinawalla Elephant Orphanage

Located in Pinawalla, there's an orphanage that holds onto one of my favourite childhood memories. After such a long time and returning back to this place it was an eye opener to what I thought to be a wonderful place. Pinawalla Elephant Orphanage is an orphanage, nursery and captive breeding ground for wild Asian Elephants. Founded in order to afford care and protection to many orphaned, unweaned elephants found wandering in and near the forests of Sri Lanka, This orphanage is a popular spot for tourists and locals.

You're given the chance to walk around and see them and the workers will call you over to pet and take a photo with them. I wasn't all that keen to pet them as in my eyes their wild animals and you wouldn't go out and stroke a wild elephant so why do it then. It was painful to see that couple of the elephants were chained up and secluded from the herds. Those that were used for photo opportunities had chains wrapped around their necks and connected with their feet and it was hard to look at them.

While I passed the opportunity to feed the babies I did take up the chance to hand feed one of the older ones. It was an unforgettable experience being able to pass fruit to her and getting a feel of her tongue. After I was done she was still begging for more and would have gladly done so if I had the time.

With my photography session done and finished admiring the intelligent we took a break from the heat having a cool drink while we waited for the elephants to be taken down to the river for their bath. When it came to the time the crowd parted and cameras flashed as everyone watched the herd being led to the river. I loved watching them having their fun time playing in the water, The babies cried out in joy wile some of the older ones crossed to the other side to enjoy the shade and grass. If if wasn't for the heat beating down on me I would have stayed the full two hours watching.

In the future I would like to spend more time at the orphanage even with me not agreeing to the chains and treatment of some of the younger elephants. It will still be one of my favourite memories.

Return to Sri Lanka

After a long 20 years, my feet once again touched the beautiful country of Sri Lanka. My memories of the country are few and with the week and some days that I was going to be spending there I looked forward to creating new, fresh memories. It took two days to get to Colombo. The first two days were spent in the city to give us time to relax and get recharged for the journey ahead. I experienced the craziness of driving where people didn’t use their indicators and used their horns to cut in front of others without a care in the world that they were headed for a collision.

A day away from the hustle and bustle of the city it was time to head to the beach front. Three hour drive took us to Bentota Beach. One of my favorite ocean sides as it was clean, white sand and blue waves. This day to relax was one that I hadn’t had in a long time. Couple of hours spent playing in the ocean waves and then move onto the pool as it got darker. As the sun set I took a walk along the beach and watched the sun set. Giving me the opportunity to test my photography skills and appreciate the beauty. By the end of this I was ready for the real journey to begin. 

Manba, a Japanese fashion interest

Gyaru the Japanese word for Gal. Originated in the 1970s which grew to become popular in the 1990s and now has sadly started to diminish. Lots of girls and boys not only in Japan still follow the Gyaru trend though a lot tend to drift to the latest trends rather than the ones that have died out. Allow me to introduce you to one of the late trends...

I can't remember the amount of times that I've looked back at some of my photos and looked at the all the fashion phases that I have gone through. None of them seemed to have stuck for long. Except for the one that I stumbled upon when I moved to London about 6 years ago.

When I moved to London it was everything to do with Japanese fashion. I had an interest in Harujuku fashion along with lolita and both I tried but neither seemed to suit me as much as I wanted them to. Going to a Japanese concert I was given the chance to meet others who were interested in Japanese fashion. It was then that I was introduced to a fashion called Gyaru and encountered the old trend of Manba.

This style wasn't for everyone but it fit my personality so well I can't let it go to this day. While I don't wear it as often as I would like as it's not practical, when I'm out with friends I'm more than willing to go out with the makeup and hair.

Bases to the Manba style:

  • white makeup
  • bright eyeshadow
  • preferred clothing brand: Alba Rosa
  • bright hair
  • dark tan